An introduction of Sain G M Syed  

The full name of Mr.G.M Syed is Ghulam Murtaza Syed.

He is the son of late Syed Mohammad Shah Kazmi and the descendant of a famous saint of

 Sindh.Syed Haider Shah Kazmi, of whose mausoleum he is the Sajjada-nashin. He was born

at village of Sann in Dadu district of Sindh, on january 17,1904. His father passed away when he

 was only sixteen months old.

He had no schooling at all.Whatever he learnt, that was self-tutored. However, by dint of hard work,

he attained mastery over Sindhi and English languages.Similarly, he is in full command of the Urdu

language which, though not his mother tongue, has often been a vehicle of the expression

of his ideas.Mr. Syed is also conversant with Arabic and Persian languages. He has also

 been closely attached with history,philosophy and political science. Short statured and slender

in figure, Mr. Syed wields the greatest weight of his personality.

At an early age of fourteen years, he started his career as a politician.In 1919, he became the

 President of Local Board of his own Tehsil. Subsequently, he was elected Vice President of

Karachi District Local Board. In 1929, he became the President of Karachi District Local Board.

In 1930, he organized the Hari Conference and became its Secretary.

In 1937, he was for the first time elected a member of Sindh Legislative Assembly.

In 1938, he joined the All-India Muslim League.

In 1940, he became the Minister of Education in Sindh.

In 1941, he became one of the members of the Muslim League.

In 1943, he became the President of Sindh Muslim League.

In 1944, he played the pivotal role and got the resolution passed in the Sindh Assembly in favour

of Pakistan.It was the pioneer resolution of its kind in the whole length and breath of undivided India.

In 1946, condition compelled him to disassociate from the Muslim League.He created a new party

named Progressive Muslim League. The same year he was elected as leader to the Coalition Party in

Sindh Assembly.

In 1954, he acted as the Chairman of Sindhi Adabi Board.

In 1955, he played an active part in the formation of Pakistan National Party.

In 1966, he founded the Soofis' Society in Sindh.

In 1969, he formed Sindh United Front.But after being disappointed from national politics in 1971,

 he founded the "Jeay Sindh"Movement which is known as a movement to achieve"Sindhu Desh".

Mr. Syed is the auther of more than sixty books. His books are on numerous subjects, ranging from

 literature to politics,  religionand culture etc.

Himself a mystic, Mr. Syed has a lot of love and regards for the mystics.It is but for their services that Islam


In addition to Soofis, he has always held in high esteem the learned men, the literacy and the poets.

Besides being a man of immense learning, Mr.Syed possesses a personality which is graceful and

poised.He is highly cultured and refined in his manners. Hospitality and geniality are the glaring tracks

of his personage.

Wit and humour are the key-notes of his personality.

He loves and respects even those who look at things from a different angle or through different glasses.

For decades, Sindh has been the centre where the whole of his love and energy are concentrated.

For a long time,his ambition has been to secure a rightful place for Sindh.

Mr. G.M. Syed is father of "JEAY SINDH" Movement which is known as a movement to achieve


For the bold assertion of his ideas,after the creation of Pakistan, he has been kept either in jail

or in solitary confinement for the period of more than 30 years.

* Sain GM Syed died in 25th April 1995.

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